• Payment Reconciliation
    Made Easy

    The VPay process provides a single system of record which gives you real time access to all payment data and simplifies the reconciliation process.

  • Cut Costs

    Automated payment reconciliation and reduced printing and mailing costs saves time and delivers a measurable and significant ROI.

  • No Enrollment Means
    Greater Electronic Adoption

    VCard® is the hassle free, electronic replacement for paper checks that eliminates payee enrollment and works with existing payee hardware and software.

  • Stop Paying for Checks

    Work more efficiently and eliminate costs with the seamless integration of VPay®.

What is VPay?

A complete turnkey claims payment solution that streamlines the entire payment process, replaces checks and significantly reduces costs.

  • No print/mail costs
  • Streamlined reconciliation
  • Reduced fraud
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Reduced call center volumes
  • Increased speed/convenience


We track and monitor electronic payments to flag and eliminate fraud. We leverage traditional anti-fraud tools to minimize check fraud at no cost to the payer.



Single system of record. All payment types. Complete outsourcing—all from one trusted partner.



VPay's patented platform works with your existing system. Seamless integration means simple implementation and you will realize the benefits of VPay in a matter of weeks.

Industries We Serve

We specialize in solutions tailored for:



VPay simplifies the complex healthcare payment process. Our solution allows you to outsource all payment types and eliminate your print and mail costs. Automatically delivered payment and remittance advice reduces call center volumes and streamlines reconciliation.


Workers' Compensation

Fight escalating costs and fraud with VPay. Deliver payments more efficiently by replacing checks and eliminating your print and mail costs.


Home Warranty

Using VPay guarantees your contractors get paid same day for service. Ensure your clients get the help they need, when they need it, to keep them as happy customers.


Auto Warranty

VPay ensures same-day payment for repair work, helping your customers get back on the road faster. VPay helps fight fraudulent claims, over-settlements, under-settlements, and saves you processing and postage costs.


Auto Insurance

Be it a doctor, a hospital, a body shop or a towing company, when an accident happens, you might have to pay them all. VPay is the one source that can help you quickly, easily and securely make all payments to all parties.


Our partners include leading business and technology companies.


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