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PaymentsJournal: Stepping Up Cybersecurity for Insurance Consumers Starts with Evaluating Payment Solutions

Many insurers are now turning to outside service providers to manage administrative functions such as claim payment processing. But when reviewing a claim payment processor’s credentials, it’s important to pay close attention to the company’s data security practices, as well as the security certifications it maintains.


propertycasualty360: Cybersecurity & Compliance in Claims: Where You Are Most Vulnerable

Is your policyholder's sensitive data protected? Learn three things you should consider when selecting a claim, payment-processing partner.


Becker's: Myths around virtual payments - 3 things to consider

The move towards automated collections is reaching a tipping point. And despite the fact that virtual cards are proven to reduce the administrative burden, increase speed and enhance payment processing security there are myths preventing widespread adoption. Three things to consider when evaluating virtual card payments as an option for your organization.


propertycasualty360: Maximizing the Mobile Experience: 4 Strategies

Learn how VPay's new mobile solution is helping insurance companies foster deeper relationships and increase loyalty.


Claims: Taking a Digital Approach to Claims Processing

From disruptive innovation to changing consumer expectations - insurers are faced with finding better ways to streamline the claim process.

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