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Auto Insurance

Creating Better Claim Payment Experiences

Start delivering faster, easier payment experiences

Faster Payments = Happier Policyholders

VPay is a total payment solution that replaces inflexible payment processes and slow paper checks with safe, easy and convenient epayment options. This increases the payment satisfaction of every policyholder and service provider you work with. It also boosts payment efficiency, lowers your payment costs, maximizes ROI and drives higher epayment adoption—guaranteed.

Encourage policyholders and service providers to use faster, more cost-effective ePayment options.

We provide a complete range of convenient payment options, including vCard, ACH transactions and paper checks.

We offer a simple, mobile-expedited process for facilitating payments, including multi-party payments.

Our solution protects every transaction with built-in authentication and security.

Simplified Reconciliation

Our solution replaces cumbersome, manual check tracking with real-time access to payment status and history. We offer alerts and business rules configurable to your requirements. It’s the reconciliation process you’ve been waiting for.

Seamless Implementation and Integration

Our team of implementation specialists work tirelessly for a smooth integration utilizing your existing technology and processes. A responsive and dedicated account management team ensures your ongoing processing needs are met.

Making Payments Easy with a Mobile-friendly Solution

VPay makes it easy for policyholders and service providers to review claims, select their preferred payment type and approve multi-party payments from any mobile device.

Simplify Payment Management and Increase Profits

VPay increases the payment satisfaction of every policyholder and service provider you work with. But it also provides the tools you need to boost payment efficiency, lower your payment costs, maximize ROI and drive higher ePayment adoption—guaranteed.

Eliminate paper check costs

VPay actively works to move your policyholders and service providers from paper checks to faster, more efficient epayment options.

Reduce banking fees

We offload the hassles of dealing with positive-pay, stop pay and other payment-related banking fees and management tasks.

Gain always-on visibility

Our solution includes an “always on” portal that provides real-time visibility into all of your payment transactions.

Take advantage of revenue sharing

Tap into the revenue sharing opportunities that include a proven payment preferencing system, so you gain the financial benefits faster and with less effort.

Offer award-winning service

VPay handles every step of the claim payment process in-house, we are in the best position to address problems quickly and efficiently—usually with a single call.

VPay delivers better payment experiences, but it also saves you money. With no up-front costs, guaranteed revenue sharing and other proven savings, our largest clients report saving more than $1,000,000 every year with VPay. We’re ready to help you do the same.

Security and Compliance You Can Trust

You can rest easy knowing that security and compliance are always top of mind for us. VPay meets federal and state requirements for electronic payments. And our solution is HIPAA and NACHA compliant.

Modernizing Claim Payments

Find out why modernizing insurers’ approach to auto claims payment offers significant potential to elevate the policyholder experience while reducing costs.

Discover the Advantages of a Proven, Complete Claims Payment Platform