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Auto insurance

Creating better claim payment experiences

Start delivering faster, easier payment experiences.

Faster payments = Happier policyholders

Boost payment efficiency, lower your payment costs, maximize ROI and drive higher electronic payment adoption.  

Eliminate paper check costs

Move your policyholders and service providers from paper checks to faster, more efficient electronic payment options.

Simplify reconciliation and increase visibility into payments and transactions

Get an “always on” portal that provides a comprehensive dashboard, streamlined reconciliation and real-time visibility into all of your payment transactions.

Increase security and fraud prevention

Keep sensitive information safe and meeting all relevant security standards and certifications.

Process payments anywhere

A proven and reliable solution for managing, controlling and delivering claim payments more quickly and safely—without being tied to a physical location.

Lower banking and treasury fees

Including positive-pay, stop pay, escheatment and more—and focus your people and resources on more important priorities.

Offer more payment flexibility

With push-to debit, ACH, check or virtual card, policyholders and service providers choose the payment method that works best for them.

Boost satisfaction

With award-winning service and support. Your policyholders and service providers call the Optum Financial dedicated support center, and our experienced service experts take care of the issue—usually with a single call.

Make payments easier with a mobile-friendly solution

Optum Financial makes it easy for policyholders to review claims, approve service provider payments, select their preferred payment type and even approve multi-party payments from any mobile device.

How important is policyholder satisfaction?

If it’s not at the top of your priority list, it should be. Optum Financial can help you get there—by improving every aspect of the claim payment experience.


of firms in the P&C space recognize improving customer experience as the top digital transformation goal. 1

1. Source: Aite Group: Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in the US: The P&C Insurer Opportunity, October 2019.
2. Source: McKinsey. Digital Disruption in Insurance: Cutting Through the Noise.

Discover the advantages of a proven, complete claim payment platform

Optum Financial offers a payment solution that’s configured specifically for auto insurance payments.  The solution replaces inflexible payment processes and slow paper checks with connected and convenient payment options. This increases the payment satisfaction of every policyholder and service provider you work with.

Unlike our competitors, we process all of your payments in house through a single system of record, regardless of payment type. And by leveraging our network of more than 1,000,000 providers, we can increase electronic payment adoption and revenue share while also making sure payees are paid according to their preferences.

Eliminate costs and offer payment flexibility

Supports all payment types (checks, ACH, push-to-debit and virtual cards).

Simplifies multiparty electronic endorsements and payments.

Eliminates check print/mail costs.

Offers unique payment preferencing that boosts electronic payment adoption and revenue sharing.

Reduces banking and treasury fees.

Boost efficiency and satisfaction

Delivers remit with each service provider payment in your explanation of benefits template.

Provides an online portal with real-time access to claim, payment and delivery data.

Simplifies reconciliation.

Integrates seamlessly with existing financial systems and workflows.

Includes in-house “one call resolution” support for policyholders and service providers.

Improve security and compliance

Provides a single, unified system of record where all financial, claims and delivery data is securely stored.

Improves security and reduces fraud.

Optum Financial is HITRUST, Nacha, PCI. SOC1 and SOC2 and HIPAA certified.

Optum Financial delivers better payment experiences, but it also saves you money. With no up-front costs, guaranteed revenue sharing and other proven savings, our largest clients report saving more than $1,000,000 every year with Optum Financial. We’re ready to help you do the same.

Boost satisfaction with comprehensive, in-house support

Customer satisfaction is always a top priority for Optum Financial, and we lead the industry in both satisfaction and retention because of our focus on support. With Optum Financial, whenever payees have claim payment issues or questions:

  • They call the Optum Financial award-winning support center.
  • Our experienced service experts solve the problem—usually with a single call.

Get started with your payment solution

Let us show you how we can configure the ideal payment solution for your organization.