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Auto warranty

Creating better claim payment experiences

Simplify reconciliation and eliminate payment fraud

Deliver fast, preferred payments to your service providers

The Optum Financial dedicated, in-house call center increases adoption of electronic claim payments—including virtual card payment—to maximize your revenue share. We deliver the payments. We manage payee preferences. You benefit.

Optum Financial eliminates the pain and cost associated with auto warranty claim payment processing while delivering unmatched results. Unlike our competitors, we process all of your payments in-house through a single system of record, regardless of payment type. And our network of more than 110,000 auto mechanics and body shops ensures service providers are paid according to their unique preferences, whether by virtual cards, ACH or check.

By outsourcing your claim payments to Optum Financial, you will:
Improve service

With a dedicated, in-house call center, focused exclusively on supporting your payment process. Our agents are trained and empowered to address your Payees’ issues promptly, intelligently and correctly.

Simplify reconciliation

By replacing cumbersome, manual check tracking with real-time access to payment status and history. Optum Financial also offers alerts and business rules that are configurable to your requirements. It’s the reconciliation process you’ve been waiting for.

Streamline implementation and integration

With a team of implementation specialists who will work tirelessly to achieve a smooth integration that works flawlessly with your existing technology and processes. A responsive and dedicated account management team will also work with you to make sure your ongoing processing needs are met.

Stay 100% secure

All of our electronic payments are 100% secure. With Optum Financial, one-time-use cards are preloaded with an authorized amount, which puts a permanent end to card fraud.

Get started with your payment solution

Let us show you how we can configure the ideal payment solution for your organization.