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Make 2019 the year of the ePayment

A new year is almost here; have you thought about your business resolutions for 2019? Why not make the move to ePayments to handle your claim payment processing needs?

As 2018 winds down, now is a good time to consider business resolutions for the upcoming year. Why not make the move from paper-based checks to an ePayment solution for your claim payment processing as one of your new year’s resolutions?

ePayments vs. Paper Checks
Cost savings is one of the primary benefits offered by an ePayment platform. In fact, a recent study found that it costs businesses, on average, $3-$201 to process checks. Throw in expenses incurred for postage and printing, plus bank fees, and the costs for using paper-based checks go even higher. By switching to a total ePayment solution, you’ll not only save on these costs and expenses, but you’ll also save by reducing back-office workflows and faster reconciliation of payments

Increasing business efficiency and payment security
Organizations may be hesitant to make the move to ePayment services due to security concerns. However, electronic payments significantly reduce the risk of fraud while speeding the time to payment–for example, virtual card payments typically arrive 10 days sooner than paper-based check payments. Virtual card payments are made using a single-use card and are loaded only with the payment amount.

Picking an ePayment solution provider
The right ePayment solution can make all the difference in your claim payment processing. Choose a solution that easily fits into your overall operations and one that best helps you accomplish your business objectives. The VPay Total Payment Solution delivers a claim payment processing platform that provides significant cost savings while helping you realize a greater ROI. It allows you to eliminate the costs of issuing paper-based checks and their related fees, enabling you process payments using the method payees prefer. And the VPay Total Payment seamlessly integrates you’re your existing systems – providing you with one system of record for all of your financial, claims and delivery data is securely stored.

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