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Webinar Series: Smarter, Faster Claims Models: The Insurer’s New Strategic Imperative

Register today for the first in a series of Optum Financial webinars featuring Bryan Falchuk of Insurance Innovators.

Today’s insurers face some of the tightest operational margins in recent history. Couple that with growing expectations from consumers for rapid turn-around of claims, and the executive suite knows that gaining a competitive advantage is directly linked to smarter, faster claims models.

The question then becomes: Is your organization capitalizing on opportunities to streamline operations and improve net promoter scores?

Join us as Optum Financial kicks off a new three-part webinar series featuring Bryan Falchuk, founder of Insurance Evolution Partners and a leading advisor, author, and leadership coach, for a lively, insightful discussion of claim strategies that will define successful future positioning. Bryan will moderate an expert panel of leading industry thought leaders and innovators who not only understand insurers’ day-to-day challenges but can also draw on real-world experience.

The panel for our June 15th kickoff event—Smarter, faster claims models: The Insurer’s New Digital Payment Imperative—includes:

  • John Bachmann, Insurance Industry Principle with Experience.com and an industry claims leader
  • Michael Anderson, Global Practice Lead, Guidewire Ecosystem with Guidewire Software and a 30-year veteran of the P&C insurance industry
  • myself, Elisa Logan, Vice President, Growth at Optum Financial

Especially in the area of claims, participants will gain fresh insights into why digital adoption has risen to top priority status for both achieving economies of scale and aligning with policy holder expectations. We will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the need for digital strategies and investments and why traditional approaches to claims fall short.

Notably, a recent Salesforce Research consumer survey[1] that found that 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives in the wake of the pandemic, and 69% of customers believe companies should offer new ways to get existing products and services via technology-enabled processes. It’s a market reality that investors certainly haven’t missed—insurtech funding reached $7.5 billion in 2020.[2]

In addition, be sure to mark your calendar (or register now!) for Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, which will build on our introductory session:

  Part 2: Digital Innovation: Why Payment Should Come First
  Date: Tuesday, July 13

  Part 3: First steps to a holistic digital payment strategy
  Date: Tuesday, August 10

In these sessions, panel experts will explore the power of digital payment as the low hanging fruit of a digital strategy and practical steps for investing in the right infrastructures to generate immediate ROI. We’ll dig deeper into the challenge of balancing automation with empathy and how to identify where digitization makes the most sense along the claim journey.

Register here for our June 15 webinar: Smarter, faster claims models: The Insurer’s New Strategic Imperative

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[1] State of the Connected Customer. Salesforce. October 2020.
[2] Block A, Bohrmann J, Botuc M, et al. The Pandemic Pushed Insurtech Funding to an All-Time High. Boston Consulting Group. March 31, 2021

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