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Card only programs

Eliminate the need for checks with virtual cards

Simplify service provider payments, payment processes, boost efficiency, and lower payment costs

While it’s only one part of our payment solution, the virtual card system is the cornerstone of our business. We own the patents of a system so effective; we currently license it to other virtual payment providers.

Here’s how it works:

The Optum Financial virtual card functions the same as any bank card

We generate a unique 16-digit card number that can only be used up to a specific dollar amount as dictated by the claim

We deliver that number and the explanation of benefits electronically to your Payee

They process it as they would any other credit card

Benefits to your payees

Easy claim payment processing for providers and payees

Speedier transfer of funds into accounts

Less labor hours for payment processing

Benefits to you

Eliminates the costs of issuing checks, including postage, processing time, and bank fees

Eliminates check fraud

Simplified reconciliation, including real-time tracking and daily reports

Revenue sharing per transaction transforms your cost center into a revenue generator

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