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Optum Financial is prepared and committed to supporting our clients, communities and payees as we navigate the uncertainties and spread of COVID-19.

Our Business Continuity Plan is in place:

  • Our award-winning payee support center, operation, treasury and data processing teams are fully operational.
  • Our data centers and processing functions continue to run as normal – they are remote-enabled and fully prepared to keep processing and delivering payments throughout this challenging time.
  • Data security remains top-of-mind at Optum Financial despite the remote-environment we are operating in today. You can rest assured that all sensitive data at Optum Financial remains encrypted and secured according the highest standards in our industry.
  • Our system redundancies are in place and validated, and our alternative data centers are prepared, should they be needed.
  • Financial networks, including both the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Card networks (Mastercard), continue to operate as normal with no changes anticipated.
  • Our print partners are carefully monitoring and adjusting their plans as news develops. They also have implemented their own Business Continuity Plans – which includes operating multiple facilities over different geographic areas, discouraging office visits from vendors, increased cross training to backfill for the potential of sick employees and increasing building cleaning protocols.

To our Clients, we thank you for your continued trust in Optum Financial and look forward to continuing that partnership.

If outsourcing claim payments is something you are considering, we are ready to help you make that transition as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Outsourcing payments has never made more sense – electronic payments, push-to-debit, checks – whatever your payees need can be quickly and safely delivered, saving you money and providing much needed efficiencies and insight you can count on.

Trying to get a hold of us to process or manage your claim payments? Call us at 877-714-3222 or email: support@vpayusa.com

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