For 15+ years VPay has used virtual cards to simplify reconciliation and eliminate payer fraud, speeding payments and getting customers back on the road faster.



Eliminate printed checks while increasing EFT adoption
Discover a total claim payment solution guaranteed to eliminate your check costs and delivery money-saving efficiencies.

Eliminate Print/Mail Costs

No matter how many dental providers you’ve converted to EFT, chances are you’re still printing and mailing a lot of checks.

At VPay, we understand the challenges you face in trying to enroll dentists in electronic fund transfers (EFT). Not to mention the ongoing pressure you feel to reduce check costs.  Our total claim payment processing solution is designed to help.

Improve Cash Flow

Our fast and flexible solutions allow dental providers to select the payment method that best meets their needs, from virtual card payment to ACH or check. Providers select the payment works best for them. Plus, we offer an electronic payment solution for member payments as well via ACH, check or direct-to-debit—improving your cash flow. 

Focused on Service

Our implementation specialists get you up and running faster. And our best-in-class Support Center focuses solely on providing one-call resolution to your dental providers. We address their concerns promptly and professionally.

Simplify Reconciliation and Compliance

Our online client portal offers access to a single system of record where all financial, claim and payment delivery data is stored in one convenient location. The portal provides searchable, real-time access to your data. Plus, our daily reconciliation report is configurable to your claims and accounting systems.

100 Percent Secure

The VPay solution helps you to reduce fraud. VCards® are backed by the Card network and ACH payments deliver proven security. And VPay meets state and federal requirements for electronic payments, our epayment solution is HIPAA and NACHA compliant. 100 percent peace of mind with every transaction.


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