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Integration Benefits 

Seamless payment integration to VPay’s mobile solution for claimants and VPay’s vendor network, for both electronic payments and checks

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Documents created by VPay are automatically pulled into claim documents

VPay-Guidewire Partnership

Simplify the Claim
Payment Process

Seamless integration with VPay's total payment solution within Guidewire ClaimCenter provides faster and easier payment options while achieving greater efficiency and maximum ROI.

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What Does the Partnership Mean for Insurers?

Today, your policyholders and service providers expect more connected and convenient payment experiences. With VPay, you can deliver—by taking advantage of a total payment solution that replaces inflexible payment processes and slow paper checks with safe, easy and convenient epayment options.

VPay’s Ready for Guidewire integration for ClaimCenter enables companies to provide new B2C payment options, pay B2B and B2C claims faster and streamline the entire payment process. Guidewire customers can leverage the VPay solution and seamlessly integrate critical claims operation data with real-time post-adjudication, payment and remittance data through a simple turnkey process.  We service a vast network of over 1,000,000 service providers which empowers you to immediately maximize epayment adoption and save money.

Find out how the VPay total payment solution and Guidewire ClaimCenter can make a difference for you. 

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Reduce compliance and security risks associated with sensitive payment information

Access real-time document retrieval, payment and enrollment status, notes, and history in Guidewire


Guidewire is the platform P&C insurers trust to engage, innovate and grow efficiently. Guidewire ClaimCenter brings together modern core claims functionality with digital engagement, embedded analytics, and a dynamically evolving ecosystem of partners and insurtechs. ClaimCenter supports all lines of personal, commercial, and workers' compensation insurance, and features: 

•  Embedded analytics

•  Automated triggers and escalations 

•  Visual catastrophe claim mapping 

•  Integrated fraud detection

•  Real-time claims performance monitoring


Faster payments with more flexibility Benefit from 18+ years of B2B payment expertise and patented technology

Rely on our award-winning, in-house call center to support your payees

VPay® delivers better claim payment experiences for B2C and B2B payees. Offering the insurance industry’s only total payment solution, the company equips insurers with configurable, next-generation digital solutions that streamline every aspect of the payment process. Workers’ compensation, auto and property insurers, health plans, dental plans and third-party administrators trust VPay to design solutions that reduce costs, drive higher epayment adoption, boost efficiency and improve retention by increasing payee satisfaction. Our proprietary platform, patented claim payment technology and decades of payment experience have made us an industry leader in disbursements.

VPay’s Ready for Guidewire integration helps insurers:

  • Offer payment flexibility and faster payments, while easing the enrollment burden

  • Eliminate check printing and payment management, including escheatment

  • Boost policyholder satisfaction with mobile-friendly, real-time payment options

  • Reduce compliance and security risks associated with sensitive payment information

  • Make payments to both policyholders and claimants through standard workflows

The Financial Advantage

The longer it takes to settle a claim, the higher the claim costs, and the more it negatively affects your company’s profitability.

By shortening the claim life cycle and keeping claim processing costs under control, an insurance company can price its premiums competitively without sacrificing profitability. Moving more policyholders and service providers to epayments, will eliminate the costs of printing and mailing checks, lower your overall payment processing costs and use revenue sharing to convert payments from a cost center into a revenue generator. 

Partner with the trusted, proven claims payment leader

When you partner with VPay and Guidewire, you tap into a proven, winning combination of patented technology, deep insurance industry expertise, and uncompromising service and support—all dedicated to delivering better payment experiences and saving you money.

Let us show you how we can configure the ideal payment solution for your business.