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Mobile Expedited Claim Payment Solution A mobile-friendly preferred payment solution for policyholder and multiparty claim payments

One of the best ways to gain and retain policyholder loyalty is to make their lives easier—especially by expediting the payment of claims. VPay’s mobile expedited claim payment solution is a web-based solution that enables policyholder and multiparty claim payments—from any device. Policyholders can quickly review their claim, approve service provider payments or select a preferred payment type for receiving their own claim payment—all through a convenient mobile solution.

Payment Flexibility for Policyholders

Policyholders are happiest when they get paid how they prefer to get paid—quickly and easily.Using the mobile expedited claim payment solution allows policyholders to choose check, ACH or even a push-to-debit method available in as few as 15 minutes as their preferred payment method. And the VPay total payment solution delivers every service provider payment with the appropriate remit advice so your payees can easily reconcile their claim payments.

Payment Flexibility for Service Providers

Service providers also have a choice on how they get paid. They can select from check, ACH or VCard payments as their preferred payment method.

Fast Electronic Approvals of Claim Payments

No more waiting on mailed checks that have to be endorsed and forwarded to service providers. No trips to banks. No holds on funds. Just a faster claim payment process that improves policyholder and service provider satisfaction.

Eliminate Costs and Complexities

Eliminate check printing and postage costs while streamlining policyholder and multiparty payments, all via the convenience of computers and mobile devices.

Simplified Reconciliation and Compliance

VPay360,® our online client portal, is a single system of record where all financial, claim and delivery data is stored in one convenient location. The portal provides searchable real-time access to your data anytime. Plus, our daily report is configurable to your claims and accounting systems.

Integration Options

Seamlessly roll VPay’s expedited claim payment solution into your existing mobile solution or brand it as a standalone application.

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