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Mobile claim payments

Creating better claim payment experiences with a mobile expedited payment solution

Boost retention by offering policyholders a more convenient way to manage and receive claim payments

Today, your policyholders  expect more modern and connected payment experiences. Now, you can deliver them—with a web-based, mobile-friendly Mobile Expedited Payment solution that transforms how policyholders  manage, track and receive their claim payments.

The Optum Financial mobile expedited payment solution increases policyholder satisfaction by making it easy and convenient for payees to:

  • Manage their own payment preferences and decide how they want to be paid—whether it’s through an ACH, push-to-debit or traditional paper check.
  • Quickly enroll in the electronic payment program of their choice—without involving adjustors or other third parties.
  • Receive claim payment notification, approve payments and manage payment distribution to service providers and other payees, including complex multiparty payments to policyholders.
  • Do it all any time, from any device they choose.

Deliver better payment experiences and boost your bottom line

Providing policyholders with a convenient mobile payment option has never made more sense. With the Optum Financial Mobile Expedited solution, you will:

Eliminate print/mail costs and reduce process complexity

Make it easier for policyholders and service providers to embrace electronic payments. This leads directly to lower check printing and postage costs, more streamlined multiparty payment processes, and new revenue-sharing opportunities.

Gain always-on visibility into payments and transactions

With an “always-on” portal that provides real-time visibility into all of your payment transactions and a single system of record across payment types.

Integrate payments into your existing mobile solution

Seamlessly add claim payments to your overall mobile experience—either as an integrated component of your larger mobile claim processing solution or as a branded, standalone mobile payment app.

Streamline single and multiparty claim payments

How will providing more modern, mobile-friendly claim payment experiences impact your organization?

With the right approach, you can:

Raise your Net Promoter Score (NPS) 25% compared to your peers. 1

Reduce payment related service calls by 50%. 2

Deliver the instant payment options 90% of insurance consumers say they want. 3

1 Source: Treasury Today
2 Source: Treasury Today
3 Source: Sarzen, Jay and Baker, Talie. Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in the U.S.: The P&C Insurer Opportunity. Aite Group. 2019

Discover the advantages of a proven, complete payment platform

The Optum Financial mobile expedited payment solution is one piece of a comprehensive claim payment platform that’s configured specifically to:

Eliminate costs and offer payment flexibility

Supports all payment types (checks, ACH, push-to-debit and virtual cards).

Simplifies multiparty electronic endorsements and payments.

Eliminates check print/mail costs.

Offers unique payment preferencing that boosts electronic payment adoption and revenue sharing—guaranteed.

Reduces banking and treasury fees.

Boost efficiency and satisfaction

Delivers remit with each service provider payment in your explanation of benefits template.

Provides an online portal with real-time access to claim, payment and delivery data.

Simplifies reconciliation.

Integrates seamlessly with existing financial systems and workflows.

Includes in-house “one call resolution” support for policyholders and service providers.

Improve security and compliance

Provides a single, unified system of record where all financial, claims and delivery data is securely stored.

Improves security and reduces fraud.

Optum Financial is HITRUST, Nacha, PCI. SOC1 and SOC2 and HIPAA certified.

Partner with the trusted, proven claims payment leader

Let us show you how we can bring the convenience and savings of a Mobile Expedited Payment solution to your business.