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Quickstart to reducing claim costs

Eliminate checks, increase epayments and boost payee satisfaction

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 Get a faster ROI with QuickStart

The VPay QuickStart program exists for one reason: To deliver more claim payment value in less time. With QuickStart, we’ll work with you to get your organization up and running on VPay’s total payment solution, replace checks and reduce your claim payment costs, and boost epayment adoption—all within 45 days. 

How it works!

Phase 1-within 45 days

Easily offload your checks

Offer payees the choice of payment—check, VCard, or ACH

Conquer remote issues

Manage payments from anywhere at anytime

Pay payees faster and more reliably

Realize immediate cost savings

Increase security and compliance

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Gain greater insight and financial controls

Enhanced payment status updates and in-depth data integration

Simplified reconciliation using single system of record across all payment types

Phase 2-within 90 days

Turn on enhanced policyholder/claimant payment experiences via VPay’s mobile app

Offer push-to-debit payment along with check or ACH to policyholders/claimants 

Enable easy online multiparty claim endorsements 

Allow policyholders to approve service provider payments online

Phase 3-within 120 days