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Learn how VPay’s scalable solution delivers high levels of customer satisfaction and measurable savings of up to $1 million annually.

CCMSI is the nation’s largest independent third-party administrator (TPA), administering workers’ compensation and property & casualty selfinsurance programs.

CCMSI began examining payment alternatives to achieve more efficiency and flexibility while maintaining the high level of accountability its clients rely upon. The company was heavily dependent on checks, issuing more than 1.2 million annually. Its ACH capabilities were limited and confined to manual processes. 

CCMSI sought the ability to manage payment preferences, as well as real-time access to payment data. Other criteria included:

  • Virtual card acceptance rates 
  • Funding options – pre versus post settlement
  • Opt-out approval for providers (vs. opt-in or portals)
  • Data in recon file and payer portal
  • Knowledge of industry

Find out how the VPay total payment solution can make a difference for you