Faster Payment Solution

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As your epayments solution partner, we care about your customers as much as you do. That’s why we offer a total claim payment solution that drives loyalty among your policyholders, satisfaction among payees and providers, and significant cost savings for you.

With VPay’s epayment platform, you even have the opportunity to achieve greater ROI via revenue share. You can get it all – for less – including up to 45% more epayment adoption.

Revenue share + Maximized epayment adoption = Guaranteed cost savings
Revenue share means a lot, but it’s only part of a larger ROI equation. What really matters is epayment acceptance rate, your cost to administer payment, and the costs we eliminate.


Costs We Eliminate
VPay’s total claim payment solution leverages our secure platform and patented technology to eliminate costs and inefficiencies traditionally associated with claim payments. Postage and mailing costs go away on Day 1. Banking and treasury fees are reduced, as is your time to manage and reconcile.

And our flexible solution allows payees to select that payment method that is best for them from virtual card to ACH to check.

Cost to Administer
Our total payment solution delivers more of your payments electronically instead of by mail—including epayments like ACH and virtual cards—and our award-winning inhouse call center handles payee calls. versus

Influence to Adopt
Only VPay delivers payments the way payees want them with our unique 1:1 payment preferencing. Whether its virtual card, ACH or check, we leverage our vast database of over 900,000 providers to maximize epayment adoption.

Discover the VPay Difference
Today we make billions in payments on behalf of health plans, dental plans, third-party administrators, and workers’ compensation and auto insurers. Our total payment solutions offer more ways to deliver ROI—and we’re always looking for ways to advance our approach.

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