Workers Compensation Claims Payment System

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Make the cost of issuing Provider and indemnity checks disappear.
VPay makes it happen.

Quick, Easy, and Secure Payments

VPay helps eliminate your cost and the inefficiencies of making claim payments. Unlike our competitors, we process all of your payments in-house through a single system of record, regardless of payment type. Plus we ensure Payees are paid according to their preferences—from checks and ACH to virtual cards.

Delivering the Type of Payment Each Payee Prefers

We can pay more than 675,000 Payees according to their preferred payment type while also providing the option to make indemnity payments electronically.

Focused on Service

VPay has a dedicated, in-house Call Center, focused solely on supporting your claim payment process. Our agents are specifically trained and empowered to address your Provider’s issues promptly, intelligently and correctly.

Simplified Reconciliation

Our solution replaces cumbersome, manual check tracking with real-time access to payment status and history. And we offer alerts and business rules configurable to your requirements. It’s the reconciliation process you’ve been waiting for.

Seamless Implementation and Integration

Our team of implementation specialists work tirelessly for a smooth integration utilizing your existing technology and processes. And a responsive and dedicated account management team ensures your ongoing processing needs are met.

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100% Secure

Not only does VPay meet the state and federal requirements for electronic payments, it’s also HIPAA compliant. You get 100% peace of mind with every transaction.

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