Workers Compensation Claims Payment System

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Make the cost of issuing provider and indemnity checks disappear.
VPay makes it happen.

Rein in Claim Payment Processing Costs

VPay’s total payment solution leads the epayment space in eliminating the hidden administrative costs around workers’ compensation – saving companies like yours hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

Quick, Easy, Secure Payments – Guaranteed

How? Our process, patented technology, and secure platform eliminate costs and inefficiencies traditionally associated with workers’ compensation payments. Postage and mailing costs are gone on Day 1. Banking and treasury fees are reduced. And our unique 1:1 payment preferencing method increases epayment adoption by 25-45%. It’s workers’ compensation claim payment processing that delivers.

Preferred Payments Done Right

We pay more than 900,000 service providers according to their preferred payment type – whether that is a virtual card, ACH or check while also providing the option of providing indemnity payments.

“We’ve tried to quantify our time savings, but there’s just one word that sums up our results – priceless.”

John Kluth, CFO. CCMSI

Boost Efficiencies

Replace cumbersome manual payment tracking with real-time access to payment status and history from a secure single system of record where all financial, claims and delivery data are stored.

Increase Customer Loyalty

We tailor our solution to meet your needs. And ensure you get what you need – from implementation and integration to ongoing account management and support.

Focused on Service

VPay has a dedicated, in-house Call Center, focused solely on supporting your claim payment process. Our agents are specifically trained and empowered to address your Provider’s issues promptly, intelligently and correctly.

Security and Compliance You Can Trust

You can rest easy knowing that security and compliance are always top of mind for us. VPay meets federal and state requirements for electronic payments. And our solution is HIPAA and NACHA compliant.


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